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How to choose a Medicare Advantage Plan and get the perfect benefits for you.

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Medicare Advantage Plans are a popular alternative to Medicare for private insurance. Medicare Advantage Plans or Part-C is an all-in-one alternative to Original Medicare. Private insurance companies approved by Medicare are able to offer these specialized plans. The best part is that you still have Medicare when you apply for an advantage plan. The bundled plans include Medicare Part A (hospital), B (medical), and Part D (Prescribed Drug Coverage) and adds on Part C (Advantage). These plans offer an additional level of coverage as well as the original Medicare coverages.

You may wonder if the plan is better to subscribe to as it offers some key features and benefits that may match your preferences. 

Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plan

  • Medicare Advantage Plans Can Cost Less

When you enroll for a Medicare Advantage plan, you continue paying the premium for Part B insurance with an additional premium. The insurer determines the premium for the plan that can vary from one plan to another. Sometimes the advantage plan premium cost is as low as $0. Additionally, the advantage plan limits your out-of-pocket expenses and restricts your potential expenses.

  • Suitable Coverage Options

Original Medicare offers only two coverages, medical and hospital. If you need additional coverage, you have to purchase Part D or Prescribed Drug coverage. With an advantage plan, all your coverage options come under one banner, and you could pay less for each policy plan. 

  • Customization

Medicare Advantage Plan offers customized options to suit your requirements and circumstances.  For instance, if you have a chronic health issue, then the Special Needs Plan (SNP) Advantage plan works best. Similarly, if you need more freedom, then a Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan is suitable. Many advantage plans also include dental, vision, or hearing coverages should you need them.

  • Coordinated Care

Many Medicare Advantage plans offer coordinated medical care. It means the healthcare provider communicates and coordinates your care. They go through various types of healthcare services and have specialties available.

It ensures support from a healthcare team and prevents any unnecessary expenses. 

Tips to Find the Best Medicare Advantage Plan

  • Determine your budget and determine the amount you can spend on premiums and other expenses. Some advantage plans offer $0, but others may cost you a few hundred dollars as a premium. 
  • If you need medication coverage, then you should select an advantage plan that offers prescribed drug coverage. However, check the planned drug list to confirm the coverage of your medication.
  • If you need extra coverage for vision, hearing, or dental, you have to contact carriers that offer these options.
  • Choose a plan that works best for your long-term needs.
  • You have lots of options available when choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan. Take some time and consider all the options to make the right fit for yourself. 

Final Word

Medicare Advantage Plans offer various benefits to a policy holder by combining all the aspects of original Medicare in one package. It can prove to be extremely valuable if you do not want to pay for every plan separately or if you are seeking additional coverage. 

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