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Hello there,

It is difficult to make it in this insurance business without door knocking.  There will always be leads that you cannot get in touch with no matter what time of day you call; it is just part of the business. So for your precious lead investment not to be wasted, you must door knock. And nothing is worse than door knocking and not getting any sales. 

To ensure that you make a sale every time you go door knocking, I want you to use my strategy called The Rule of 12.

 No matter when you leave my house always have 12 places to go. No matter if it is a combination of appointments and door knocks, door knocks only and if you are very lucky all appointments. The reason for the number twelve is that in my experience every time I have at least 12 places to go, I always get a sale that day and usually some appointments set for the next day. Twelve prospects to visit will also constitute as a full day as well so it keeps you moving with activity and hopeful for the next opportunity so you will not be upset and go back home in case a lead or appointment doesn’t turn out satisfactory.

See you at the top,

Melissa D. Hall


To learn more about The Rule of 12 watch my YouTube video here:

Also feel free to download my door knocking success checklist here: